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Allies in the youth yoga movement: Part 1

  There’s A LOT going on in the youth yoga movement and the people and organizations making it all happen deserve some serious recognition.  Many of these folks have gone right to the heart of their communities where the need is greatest and developed effective programs that are changing and improving lives by the thousands. […]

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Can yoga help kids and teens learn?

  Have you ever found yourself wishing that the practice of Yoga were available to you as a child or teen in school? Fortunately, many kids and young people today will look back on their school days and recall learning downward facing dog and/or breath of fire. The benefits gained through regular Yoga practice are […]

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Yoga for Kids & Teens Coming Soon to a School Near You: 5 Reasons Why This Is Awesome!

    While yoga has been practiced in schools across the country for several decades, lately the movement has sky rocketed. Organizations coast to coast are successfully implementing yoga in thousands of classrooms via live teachers, digital video technology and even apps. Why has this ancient practice taken root in our schools? Perhaps because yoga offers practical […]

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