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How is Teen Yoga Different from Adult Yoga?

    I just tried responding to a question in the comments on Yogaglo’s Facebook page, but my response was turning into a blog post, so here you go~! The question came from Jeremy Brosius, a “liker” of Yogaglo, I presume.  It was in reference to a post announcing Teen Yoga classes at Yogaglo with Katherine Priore, founder of Headstand. Jeremy’s […]

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4 ways to teach mindfulness to at-risk youth

The following is a guest post written by Darlene D’Arezzo of Kids Yoga Circle   Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a lecture by Chris McKenna, Executive Director of the Mind Body Awareness Project, on teaching mindfulness to at-risk youth. MBA’s curriculum provides at-risk youth with concrete tools to reduce stress, reduce impulsivity, and reduce […]

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Madison Magazine’s Live Web Chat with Professor Richard Davidson

Madison Magazine hosted a web chat with Richard Davidson, co-author of “The Emotional Life of Your Brain”. The conversation was great and Richard shared some great insights about meditation and emotions.  See below for some of the highlights from the chat or visit for the full chat. Madison Magazine: Welcome Professor Davidson. We’re excited to […]

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