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3 Tips for Helping Tiny Yogis Learn to Breathe Well

Yoga for Breathing Breathing exercises for young children focus on building awareness rather than actually manipulating or regulating the breath to the degree adult yoga may teach. Here a few ideas and pointers to make yoga breathing safe, fun and calming for little yogi’s. Little Lungs: Remember that little folk have a much shorter lung […]

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Three “No-No’s.” The Fine Art of Teaching Yogic Breathing to Young People: Part One

This four part series of posts will address the in and outs of teaching pranayam (yogic breathing) to young children, teens and their teachers. In a workshop at Yoga Works nearly 12 years ago, the brilliant professor of Indian Studies from Loyola Marymount University, Dr. Chris Chapple, said, “Yoga starts with the negative, with what […]

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5 Ways to Spark Teens Interest in Yoga

Imagine this scene: Skilled, well-intentioned yoga teacher enters classroom full of wily, stressed out teens. She proceeds to put in CD of new age music and asks students to take their seats. It’s the first day of yoga. Let’s start with an “Om,” she says. She inhales deeply, closes her eyes and “Ooooohhhmmmmm.” Then, a […]

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