Contemplating Compassion: An Exercise for Teens

Contemplating Compassion: An Exercise for Teens


During our 500 DVD giveaway, we’re focused on the real reasons teens love Partner Yoga. In part 1 of the blog series, I highlighted the benefits of partner yoga exercises like contemplation, dyad sharing and journaling. In part 2 of the series, I offer a contemplation for teens and ideas for both discussion and journaling. I highly suggest playing the featured video on each theme for your students or children, as there is much power in teens hearing their peer groups speak on these critical topics.

Contemplation on Compassion

Reflect on the feeling of compassion. Think of a time in your life when compassion naturally arose in you. Remember a time when a person offered you compassion. How did that feel to you? What is the opposite of compassion? Do you think it is possible to become more compassionate? If so, how? How is compassion important in this world?

Discussion Points

  • What is compassion? What does it mean to be compassionate?
  • How would things change if we were able to find compassion for people we don’t understand?
  • What makes some people compassionate and others not?

Journaling Prompts

  • Think of a person you know who seems compassionate to others. What is it about that person that lets you know they are compassionate? How do they sound when they speak about other people? List a few of their character traits you admire.
  • Think about the people in your life who need compassion including people you know; friends and family, as well as people you don not personally know, but whom you’ve heard about via social media or news outlets. How can you offer them compassion?
  • What is self compassion? What does it mean to be compassionate to your self?

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Being a teen myself, I dlienitfey think there should be a Yahoo! Teen answers. I always worry my question is going to sound SO STUPID to an adult that’s prolly been through the same thing multiple times.

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