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Jade Meadow: A Guided Visualization Teens LOVE

I created this visualization over ten years ago and have shared it with hundreds of students. Tweens and teens consistently request this visualization over all others. I am excited to share it with you!

In creating this piece, I had several goals in mind. First, I wanted to develop and maintain a grounded sense of body awareness for beginners. Some visualizations can be too ethereal and lofty for teens needs.

Second, I wanted to give teens a chance to dream and create from their own senses. Finally, I wanted teens to come away from the visualization with an empowered feeling of inspiration to build their own “structures” in their world.

Below are two tracks. The first is a 30 second intro that simply guides students into an appropriate position for the experience. You can either play this version for your students, or write your own. I do suggest using your own voice for the intro. That way, you can give as much time as needed and help students find their way to a comfortable position.

Intro to Jade Meadow

The next track is the actual visualization. You can choose to learn it and speak it yourself, or simply play this version for your students. There are benefits to using recorded visualizations. You are freed up to hold space and help soothe any students needing assistance. There is also a gorgeous flute track in this recording, by the brilliant musician, Matt Demeritt.

Jade Meadow Teen Visualization by Abby Wills, MA

I hope you enjoy this guided journey. It is close to my heart and has helped me to forge deeper relationships with my students. Let your students share their experiences out loud or even draw a picture afterwards. Enjoy this chance to see a glimpse of your teens’ dreams and unique vision. Let their feedback guide you, as you guide them.

 This blog entry was first published on ShantiGeneration.com in March 2013.

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Calming & lovely.

Hi Abby! How much time do you give them to draw their picture? I teach a 60min class to teens, so I am sure I will go over if I give them time to draw. I’m wondering how long as some of them love details! Of course, they can always take it with them home to finish; but I was thinking about having them share with others.
Thanks for sharing,

    My suggestion is to let them share aloud with a partner or with the whole group, depending on the dynamic of your class. This way, they will reinforce their memory. Then, encourage them to draw at home. In a workshop setting, wherein you had a good 20 minutes+ to offer them to draw, it could work better. Otherwise, in a 60 minute class, I’d offer 5-7 minutes for journaling or drawing. I’d advise artists to make a sketch that could be completed at a later time.

Good point – suggesting a sketch sounds great! From my experience with the sharing after the first visualization, I thought the teens felt intimidated by their peers and avoided sharing, which did not help to the adult and pre-teen. The only teen who shared did it when she was with me only. Of course I am not going to force sharing, but maybe I don’t have to think about allocating time for that, giving me more time for visualization plus savasana!
Thank you, and please keep posting these visualizations, because they are at another level – in between the ones I do in my kids classes and the light ones (from non-spiritually-inclined adults) for adults.

Oops! I meant “…which did not happen to the adult and pre-teen”. It actually helped them to not feel any peer-pressure. 🙂

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