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Partner Yoga for Teens ONLINE

A growing body of research confirming the positive effect of mindful practices on learning readiness and successful student outcomes has educators and administrators searching for efficient, effective methods of implementing mindful programming in the classroom. We are thrilled to announce a brand new online platform for teachers to access resources designed to complement and bolster mindful practice in the classroom. Our first set of online content, Partner Yoga for Teens, is available now for educational licensing to schools to integrate into existing mindfulness programs, or to begin to plant the seeds of mindfulness.

Partner Yoga is a powerful practice for older kids and teens to embody the elements of mindfulness. With a foundation in social-emotional intelligence building, the sequences are created to empower students with mindful communication skills. Teens engage in hands-on experiences of safely supporting and being supported by peers.

The 10 five-minute sequences provide students with mindful experiences anchored in focused breathing and movement. When practiced as a group, Partner Yoga often aids in building positive classroom climate by strengthening relatedness among students.

Don’t take our word for it, hear it from the source here:

To register for our online streaming content for your school, visit:

Registrants will receive a free teacher’s guide to integrating Partner Yoga in the classroom.

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