Activities for Teaching Partnership through Teen Yoga

Activities for Teaching Partnership through Teen Yoga

During our 500 DVD giveaway, we’re focused on the real reasons teens love Partner Yoga. Part 1 of the blog series focused on the benefits of partner yoga exercises like contemplation, dyad sharing and journaling. In part 2, I offered an exercise and discussion prompts for contemplating compassion, and in part 3,  I shared helpful activities in creating community among teens. The theme of Part 4 in the series is facilitating partnerships, the foundation of our Partner Yoga for Teens DVD curriculum.

Contemplation on Partnerships

How does it feel to work in partnership with another person? Think of the times in your life when you have worked with a partner. Reflect on the elements of a healthy partnership. What do you need from a partner to feel safe and to trust them? Has there been a time when you did not feel safe working in partnership? Do you know why? Think about what you might do if you felt unsafe working with a partner in yoga. Finally, reflect on the state of mind you can bring to your partnerships to help others feel safe.

Discussion Points

  • Listening is an essential element of a healthy partnership. How can we all become better listeners? How do we know when we are really listening and understanding our partner?
  • Sharing honestly is essential to a healthy partnership. How can we help our partners to feel safe and able to share honestly with us?
  • What choices do we have if we ever feel unsafe in our partnerships?

Journaling Prompts

  • List five elements of a healthy partnership.
  • Where do the elements come from? How are they cultivated?
  • Write about a project you would like to create with a partner, something too big for you to accomplish alone. The project could be a creative one, a community based action, or anything you are passionate about working on in partnership with a peer.

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These are wonderful tips for teens and for everyone in a partnership! Your teen partner yoga DVD is a wonderful tool to bring teens and also families together. Thanks for the writing prompt ideas.

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