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Plant Good Seeds

~Planting good seeds in thought, word and action is a mantra Jill Fox lives by.   Founder of Awear Yoga and its Plant Good Seeds brand, and a student & teacher of yoga, Jill believes everything starts with the intention of a simple seed.   Collaborating with her very good friend and neighbor Jessica Mueller, they introduce this first blog on planting good seeds in your life!


~Every tree, every growing thing as it grows,
says this truth, you harvest what you sow.
Rumi ♥

Plant good seeds

Intelligence isn’t just about getting good grades or being at the top of your class.  It is equally important to understand the implications that our thoughts, words and actions in the present moment have in our future moments. Being mindful of the seeds we are planting now can help us to secure a better future for ourselves and those loved ones we surround ourselves with.

Reflecting back my high school years, I don’t think I was so certain that the choices I made would be directly linked to the experiences that I have today.  Looking back I am now able to see how my choices impacted my life today.

The concept of Plant Good Seeds applies to all aspects of your life.  From the very first thought that we think when we wake up out of bed each morning has a direct link to the way we may feel each afternoon.   It begins with a thought, a word, or an action.  Try to plant only good thoughts in your head about school when you are getting ready tomorrow morning and notice how your morning at school goes.  Now we can’t control if the mean substitute showed up today, but we can control the thought about the substitute.

By begining with ourself, and planting good seeds in thoughts, words, and actions, we are going to experience a better result.  Some other examples of Planting Good Seeds are:

-Choosing to be kind to others.  Think about the  implications your words or actions may have on others. This takes practice, so don’t get discouraged!  If we are upset, try to remember that no words plants more opportunity later!

-Choosing to be healthy and steer clear of drugs and alcohol.  Eating healthy, maintaing a daily practice of hygiene and physical health.  The health choices we make now will be the result of our health when we are older.  And believe me, you will want to stay healthy to keep up with what the world is bringing.  Amazing things for you!

-Choosing to forgive others-  Yes it really is a choice.  Try not to harbor negative feelings and emotions.  This will only store it’s hard energy in your body and make you suffer causing both parties to feel bad.  As they say, “Kill em with kindness”, we’ll say “Planting the Seed of Kindness!”

-Choose to question everything.  Collect as much information as possible and then make your decision based on that.  And more importantly, don’t listen to those negative things people may say and let it throw you off track.  Stay true to your gut and follow you heart!  Your intuition is your closest friend, don’t ever forget her!

Plant Good Seeds now.  Today, your next thougt, your next word, your next action, may it come from that space of peace and contentment, where you feel your connection to everything around you.  Your community of classmates, and teachers now, will play a significant role in your future.  If you like to have a little clue into your future, look at your friends and ask yourself where they are headed.  You will be going there too!  Build up your friends, tell your teachers they are doing a great job, thank the lunch lady who volunteers to serve you at lunch.  Plant those seeds of kindness with every breath you take.  Remember to keep practicing this your whole life!


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Love this! I just finished reading “How Yoga Works” by Geshe Michael Roach, all about planting seeds, how perfect to find this post now. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


What a show of love it is to plant good seeds in our youth. To lead their hearts into peace and in turn the spirit grows in them. Plant a seed of love for @ShantiGenereration!


planting the seeds in children about yoga, compassion, and spirit is what it’s all about! Thank you ShantiGeneration!


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Thanks for this post, Abby. I just tweeted last week about one of the steps to awakening being ‘question everything’. Some people may struggle with that point, but I see it as planting the seed of ultimate respect here on the planet, since we are honoring everything by discovering the truth for ourselves.

Love Shanti, luv the blog, will be sharing this giveaway, thanks!

A Mom On A Spiritual Journey!

    Thanks, Sarah. Yes! Question everything is sage advice. Especially in these times….


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