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Japan Workshop

For Teachers, Facilitators and Parents

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Building Resilience in Youth: Yoga Skills for Coping with Stress
For school teachers, yoga instructors, parents and others professionals who work with youth.

A 4-hour workshop offering experiences designed to help teens understand stress, resilience and how to utilize yogic practices to cope. By developing the meaning of coping and stress, we link the reality of teens lives and the power of yoga to heal and transform.

You will learn:

  • 5 Yoga Skills suited for the developmental needs of adolescent youth.
  • Practical methods of relating with teens meaningfully and building trust.
  • How to present yoga in the context of teens lives.
  • Strategies to inspire teens to integrate yoga beyond the mat or classroom.

Classroom Wellness Initiatives

Teaching On Purpose (TOP)
A 2,4 or 6 hour professional development workshop on mindful methods for nurturing inspired learners. TOP workshops offer training in techniques designed to: increase social + emotional wellness, develop mindful communication, cultivate coherent, nurturing environments, foster positive relationships and transform stress into creativity. Practices and topics of exploration include simple yoga exercises, breathing techniques, mindful awareness practice and emotional regulation activities.

Yoga Skills for Schools
An six hour yoga-based workshop designed to train classroom and PE teachers how to safely and effectively integrate basic yoga postures into curriculum. Workshop can be held on one day or over 3 weeks. Participants will learn skills for proper alignment, increased body awareness, flexibility, strength and balance.

Yoga Skills for Youth Facilitator’s Training
A 20-hour experiential training course designed to give teachers a firm foundation in teaching yoga to children and teens. The training covers developmentally appropriate teaching practices and methods for organizing a harmonious class environment. Participants will learn an organized system for creating curriculum to meet the unique needs of individual youth and youth groups.

Custom School Programs
Program directors are available for consultation with administration and teachers to develop a customized program to fill your schools needs. The program may include a combination of the above-mentioned initiatives, as well as after school and in class yoga programming for students and teachers led by professionally trained instructors.


For Yoga Teachers, School Teachers, Therapists, Parents, Coaches, and other practitioners committed to making a positive impact in the lives of children.

Are you passionate about providing kids and teens with tools they need to navigate anxiety, stress, and difficult social situations? Do you envision a world where children and teens live emotionally stable and socially sound lives? Does sharing yoga and mindful practices with youth align with your purpose?

Yes? Yes! We invite you to join us in our signature training experience to tap into your own source of creativity and wisdom for sharing ancient practices in a modern, pragmatic way.

These courses provide you with opportunities to deepen and embody your own practice while discovering strategies, methods, evidence, frameworks and best practices for effectively sharing yoga and mindful life skills with youth.

We all want young people to thrive and flourish. We want them to grow up with awareness and the ability to regulate their systems. The course work outlined below will empower you with the skill sets and competencies necessary to guide youth to their peacemaking potential.

You are welcome to participate in one or all phases and work through the course at a pace that meets your needs.

Phase One
Yoga, Mindfulness and Peacemaking Essentials for Children and Teens
20 hours

This 20 hour course will strengthen the foundation and enliven the backdrop for your yoga and mindfulness focused work with youth. In broad strokes, we will cover the fascinating domains of child development, supportive brain research, educational theory, pedagogy and curriculum development for ages 3-16.

Specifically, this course is an opportunity to:

  • Learn developmentally appropriate postures, breathing exercises, visualizations, games and mindful practices for youth.
  • Discover how to hold a nurturing, safe space for children to thrive with focus, calm, and positive energy.
  • Create vibrant lessons using an emergent model based on developmental needs and student diversity.
  • Understand how Social and Emotional Learning frames our work with youth.
  • Develop your classroom and behavior management skills.
  • Compassionately guide youth to balance, resilience and awareness.

The course is multi-disciplinary and experiential in nature, reflecting the kind of “alive” learning we have found to work wonders when facilitating yoga with children and teens. We draw on the the strengths, knowledge and experience of every participant. The learning structures in this course are designed to inspire YOU to uncover more of your natural talent and ability to guide youth in yoga and mindfulness.

You WILL receive:

  • Resources! Including access to our best-selling, parent-teacher approved digital content; both video and audio.
  • Teaching Manual full of ideas, inspirations and curricula.
  • Templates and an organized structure to create curriculum in response to each unique setting and group of students.
  • A grounded experience in the essentials of yoga and mindfulness for children and teens so you can use your skills and experience to integrate transformative practices in schools, studios, community centers, homes and beyond.

What This Course Is NOT:

  • Prescriptive curriculum. Sure, we could easily give you a script to read in every class you ever teach, but what fun would that be? We believe it is your creativity, passion and personal practice that set your classes on fire and make you a wonderful kids yoga and mindfulness teacher!
  • One size fits all. We know the topics we will cover. The syllabus is bursting with inspiring content and experiences. Yet, every single training is different, because every single group is different. We customize each training to meet the specific needs of the group and each individual. Individuation is a core principle in all of our work. We embrace the diversity that shows up in each group.
  • The end all/be all. We hope you will locate this training as a milestone in the course of your professional journey. We invite people who no prior training experience, as well as individuals with a resume full of trainings. You will have learning experiences here that you won’t have anywhere else, but there is never an end to learning.
  • Traditional Yoga Teacher Training. If you are looking for a teacher training course to learn to teach the nuances of alignment in hundreds of poses, this is not it! We will cover a curated list of the most effective postures per developmental group. You will learn to teach them safely and well. For participants seeking an intensive experience in yoga for adults, we can recommend some wonderful trainings in your area. Just ask!
  • All fun and games. We will have fun, laugh, play, and explore ways to make your class effervescently fun for kids. And, we will also get downright serious about the implications and contraindications of teaching youth facing challenges. We know some trainings out there teach that the main idea when teaching kids yoga is to “make it fun.” While we acknowledge that as part of the story, it is far from the whole book. Come prepared to journey through human development, compassionate classroom management and the deeper purpose of yoga and mindfulness for youth.

    Tuition: $425 (check schedule for early bird pricing)



November 8-10, 2017
Los Angeles, CA

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Phase Two
Going Deeper: Advanced Training Modules in Early Childhood, Adolescence and Classroom Yoga and Mindfulness

Phase Two Training Modules bring the details and nuances of development, pedagogy and curriculum into focus. Each module hones in on the competencies necessary to create extraordinary programs designed specifically to meet the needs of each designated group. This phase will ground your understanding of how to customize long and short term curricula to the specific needs of your students.

Phase Two Training includes coursework on:

  • Trauma-informed teaching practices
  • Modifications for inclusivity
  • Culturally responsive, emergent curriculum & instruction
  • Compassionate classroom management

All modules cover developmentally appropriate yoga and mindfulness practices including:

  • Movements
  • Breathing
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Visualizations
  • Relaxation

Each module includes 20 Hours live contact hours
Optional in each module: 10 hrs fieldwork/observation/coaching

Yoga and Mindfulness for Early Childhood Module
There are few life experiences more magical and rewarding than teaching young children the life-enhancing practices of yoga and mindfulness. Young children seem to “get it” on a different level than children and adults in all other stages of development. Seeing a young child melt into blissful relaxation is simply soul-affirming!

The Early Childhood Module prioritizes creativity and listening as a the critical means to reach the minds and hearts of tiny ones.
We cover ages 3-6 in detail, with a long look forward to the start of middle childhood, 7-9 years. The adage “meet them where they are” guides us into the realm of imagination to teach children to move and breath in integrated ways. We utilize creative imagery to promote alignment, balance and body awareness. Guided imagery is the foundation for mindful practices that cultivate kindness, compassion and attention.
During this training, you will have multiple opportunities to develop the open-hearted, full-being listening skills that are the essence of good early childhood education. Current research and work on mirror neurons will be explored to support our practice of modeling the kinds of behavior we wish to nurture in our students.

Learn to teach young children yoga and mindfulness using:

  • Storytelling
  • Literacy
  • Play
  • Role-playing
  • Games
  • Creative Movement

Develop your understanding of pace, rhythm and ritual to craft nurturing, safe spaces for young children to flourish.

It is possible to teach a life long lesson with one clear, acknowledging, affirming glance!

Yoga and Mindfulness for Adolescence Module
Have you ever wished you had yoga and mindfulness as a teenager? Can you remember the fluctuations of adolescence? Your quickly changing body and mind?

Providing early adolescents with practices for self awareness, self care and conscious relationship-building equips them with tools they can immediately use to make sense of their quickly changing lives. When presented in teen relevant methods and connected to their daily lives, these skills can last a lifetime.

The Adolescence Module honors the TRANSITIONAL space between childhood and early adulthood. We start from a place of deep acknowledgment and respect to build trust with youth. Inquiry and community building guide the process of infusing yoga and mindful practices in the lives of youth.

We cover ages 12-16 in detail with a strong retrospective of the 9-11 years.
Learn to deliver yoga and mindfulness to teens through a pedagogy of empowerment and connection, including:

  • Intentional Pacing and Sequencing
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Socratic Inquiry & Discussion
  • Peer Teaching
  • Compassionate Listening & Dialogue
  • Collaborative Learning Structures
  • Partner Yoga and Mindfulness

Feature Framework
Voice AMP (Aloud My Possibility) is offered only in the Adolescence Training Module. This project was created in collaboration with students at New Roads Middle School. You will receive all of the steps to guiding your students through a long form process to identify and visualize the change they most wish to see in their world. The end result features each students vocal recording of a self authored visualization. (I can’t wait to share this with you!)

Yoga and Mindfulness for Teachers and Classrooms Module
*This module is currently being refined to integrate new frameworks. Check back in Spring 2018 for the new course offering, or join our mailing list to receive updates.

Prerequisite for Phase Two:
Participants may choose any combination of modules. Phase One: Fundamentals of Yoga and Peacemaking for Children and Teens, or equivalent, is prerequisite for all modules. Equivalency is determined on a case by case basis and may include classroom teaching experience combined with dedicated yoga/mindfulness practice, previous yoga teacher training and/or degree(s) in education or associated field.

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For Youth

Youth Peacemakers Training
A community effort to cultivate conscious youth leaders skilled in the engagement of diversity and the development of social, emotional and physical wellness.

Shanti Generation Youth Peacemakers Training is a 12-month, 72-hour course for adolescent youth between 12-16 years of age. In monthly, six-hour workshops, youth engage in peacemaking practices including:

  • Yoga
  • Compassionate communication
  • Mindful awareness training
  • Peer teaching techniques
  • Conscious social action

Sessions are held in a democratic educational forum. Within a strongly organized curricular structure, themes emerge from the life experiences of participants.
Youth interact in small groups and dyads for project-based learning experiences.
Each session features a guest teacher from the fields of yoga, health and social sciences.

Check out our 2010-2011 flyer for info on Guest Teachers Including: Dr. Chris Chapple, Hala Khouri, Felicia Tomasko, Julie Kleinman, Anne Walton and Rodger Sorrow.

Yoga and Peacemaking Classes and Workshops
Our teachers are available to custom design workshops to fit the needs of most venues. To inquire about bringing classes and workshops to your area, contact us here, or reach Abby directly: abby (at)