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Teen Yoga Playlist


teen yoga playlist

This post is humbly dedicated to the one Adam Yauch. (1964-2012). Thanks for so many years of  musical inspiration and for being a Bodhisattva for peace and equality. RIP MCA

Music in yoga class can be tricky, particularly in teen yoga. Play a song whose popularity has recently faded and watch teens indicate a gag or roll their eyes. I’ve stopped trying to be “cool” with my teen yoga students! If I want to play music from their vernacular, I just ask them what they like.

The music I bring into yoga sessions has a different value and purpose. I aim to expose my teen students to new sounds that are helpful to the learning experience. Music can also bridge cultural divides. When possible, I love to incorporate music from  my students cultural heritage. After much trial and error, here’s my shortlist of “teen approved,” yoga appropriate tunes.

I  limit my use of music use in yoga class to 1 or 2 occasional songs. Music for final relaxation really does help them, especially in a school environment when lots of other sounds can be heard from other rooms. I also enjoy occasionally having a tune playing while they enter class. This actually helps minimize idle chatter. They usually want to know about the music, which can lead to a teachable moment. During some group projects or partner work, music can help provide a container for the class. Music helps keep the group connected in Yoga Laboratory.


Inspiring, fresh melodies for active yoga:

Evans Gambit- Metameta

Nomads- Govinda

Durga Puja (TJ Rehmi)- Cheb I Sabbah

One Too Many Mornings- The Chemical Brothers


Calming tones for resting:

Tantra Drums- Al Gromer Khan

Nada Himalaya 2- Deuter

Energy Tune Up- Osher (Teens unfamiliar with the sound of didjeridoo may chuckle at this one at first, but come to love it eventually. I like to give a little context for this music and listen to a bit of it together before playing the song during relaxation. You can read up on Osher and her didj here.)

Veradardzir (Return To Me)- Yeghish Manoukian


Please enjoy! If you take a special liking to any of these artists, please consider supporting them with a purchase on iTunes. It’s always great to give back to the creatives that make our lives so colorful.

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thanks for the insight in music! I purchased some of the suggestions, and looked at other songs on their album. I would love to see more of your suggestions , and read some more on your website.

Thanks again for your music list


Chemical Brothers! Inspired. Thanks.

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