Testimonials - Shanti Generation

Shanti Generation’s Yoga Skills for Youth DVD offers yoga to young people in an engaging, cool way while still holding true to the integrity of the tradition of yoga. I recommend this DVD for anyone who wants to share the healing benefits of yoga with youth.
~ Seane Corn

Shanti Generation’s Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers DVD guides kids and teens to tap into their inner source of peaceful power and to pulse that energy outwards as agents of positive change in the world. This DVD offers young people a journey through the transformative practices of yoga in a luminous environment complete with rhythmic grooves and sacred tones.
~ Shiva Rea

It’s hip, relevant, helpful as well as visually inspiring and appealing to use. The way the material is organized invites personal choice and multiples uses. I love that everything about it supports teens in more deeply connecting with and nurturing themselves. I’m buying it for every teen I know.
~ Leah Kalish, Founder, Yoga Playgrounds

Best Youth Yoga DVD on the Market
Abby Wills and her team have done an outstanding job of bringing a high quality, high
production value, content packed DVD to the youth of the world. I think teens will find
this very user-friendly, appealing and most importantly, doable. I know I will be
recommending this to all the teens I know.
~ Joanne Spence, Founder, Yoga in Schools

Invaluable Resource
As a counselor for adolescents going through recovery I observed first hand that physical
health was synonymous with mental and emotional health. There is nothing more
important for a young person than to find a way to simply sit and be present. Whether
you are a yoga teacher or a parent seeking ways to guide your children to find their own
bliss in a world filled with distractions, you will find this DVD invaluable.
~ Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide Magazine

Presents Yoga in a “Cool” Way
I love the Shanti Generation DVD! I teach teens and tweens and this DVD really appeals
to them. The music and presentation of the DVD make it fun for kids of all ages. I also
like how the kids do the yoga and explain how yoga helps to support their well being and
health. I highly recommend this DVD for kids and their teachers too!
~Lynne Ogren, Youth Yoga Teacher

It’s Real, Down to Earth and Empowering
Abby’s wealth of experience working with this age group is very clear. Her voice is both strong and soothing and immediately creates a safe space for adolescents to explore. The yoga sequences are fun and easy to follow. I love how Abby offers step-by-step suggestions for greater understanding of each pose. Her choice of language is very clear and impressively age-appropriate. The choreography is exquisite, the set designs calming and beautiful and the musical accompaniment is brilliant. In my opinion, Shanti Generation is a very valuable work of art. I recently viewed this with my 13 yr old very athletic, energetic son. After a few moments I looked over at him. He was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, breathing peacefully. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for moving yoga education forward with such love and respect.
~Deborah Van Handel, Youth Yoga Teacher and Trainer

Amazon Reviews

I have purchased this DVD for classroom teachers to use for sensory calming or alerting breaks. It moves at a slower pace and allows the user to select single pose exercises, which is great for the repetition and practice teens with special needs require to learn new skills. Highly recommended.

Perfect for Tweens and Teens
It provides a great variety of 30 minute sessions to choose from, which makes it a great deal for the price. It teaches form, concepts, and personal development with ease and beauty. I’ve been amazed how well the DVD has been received by my class. They now regularly ask for this one over my other DVDs, and are more eager than ever to do Monday morning yoga! I highly recommend it for anyone who works with or has children between 7-16 years old.
~ 4th Grade Teacher, Chapel Hill, NC

Great DVD for Teens and Preteens to Begin Using Yoga
My daughter was recently diagnosed with scoliosis due to muscle imbalance. We are working to strengthen her core muscles and bring her back muscles into a more even alignment. These exercises are exactly what the Physical Therapist prescribed.. The exercises are easy to follow and fun for kids. I would recommend this dvd to anyone wishing to introduce yoga to children.

My 11 Year Old Son Really Likes It
A great program and I can see how beneficial it can be for kids not just physically but it also teaches them mental discipline and emotional control, how to center it and release it in a positive way. Even though we just started using the DVD I can already notice how it’s helping him focus, stay calm and find peace and strength within him before freaking out!
~ Miriam O. Douglass, San Antonio, TX

This is a great DVD. My kids and I have a great time completing the poses together. They really like the fact that actual kids are teaching them. This video is wonderful and I can get my hockey boys to do yoga and really enjoy it.

My 7year old son uses this weekly. He has ADHD and autism. This helps him focus and with behavior. I love it!

I was looking to see if Netflix had any yoga workouts on instant queue and this was the only one so I tried it, even though it is aimed at teens. I’m so glad that I did. I’m a 45 year old woman with a little yoga experience and I was looking for a short basic workout between my weekly classes with poses that I can do. I did the first workout and it was exactly what I needed. Simple, straightforward, and very relaxing. I will try the other workouts and post back if my review changes.

I bought this video for my 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son, and I just love it! I’ve always been more of a pilates fan, but both of my kids expressed interest in yoga so I found this DVD. The instruction is clear, and I love that the “teachers” are all kids because it makes it so much easier for my kids to relate. The voice over is fantastic, really drawing them into a meditative state during the exercises. I can’t say enough – if you’re new to yoga and want to enjoy it right along with your family, don’t hesitate. Buy this DVD!

My nine year old son loved this video. I actually did it with him. He found it made him much calmer. He has ADHD/Anxiety and this seems to help him.

I’m a special Ed teacher and use yoga in my class 3x a week. With this DVD you get 5-6 options of workouts to choose from. This yoga DVD does a great job of incorporating moves with positive messages for the students. The moves go pretty quickly and some of the poses are challenging.

My alternative students love this one…as do I! The kids in the video are wearing normal clothes and are of different genders and races, which helps with buy in. They weren’t thrilled to be doing yoga at first, but they love it now. The poses aren’t too super challenging…very doable.

My daughter is amazingly smart, but she puts so much pressure on herself that it worries me. I bought this because I thought the calming exercises would ease her stress. She is 9 years old. My younger daughter is 8 and I thought it would be beneficial to her in terms of helping her with flexibility. WOW! It has delivered on both fronts. I have never practiced Yoga, so this was an introduction for the whole family. I was nervous that it would be too difficult. Now, I should disclose that we’ve only done the Yoga poses library and not the routines as of yet. But so far, just the “calming” poses alone, was worth the price of the entire video!!! My daughter gave me a hug when we were done and said to me, “this is exactly what I’ve needed! I think this will be really helpful!” What a proud Mommy moment I had right then and there! I promise to update this review once we’ve actually done all the routines. Lastly, my youngest daughter did comment on the fact that both boys and girls were doing the Yoga poses. She claimed that she didn’t know that boys did Yoga too. So obviously it was a great decision on the part of the producers to include both sexes, as well as different age ranges.

I gave Shanti Generation five stars because out of all the yoga dvd’s for adults that I’ve seen in the past and including my newest batch that includes Rodney Yee’s video for beginners, this one is the best by far. It did not disappoint in the slightest and it exceeded my expectations.

This video works wonderfully for an 8-year old boy and 12-year old girl. Two different personalities, yet it has captured them both.

Having done my best to get my daughter interested in yoga/meditation for years, I am happy to report that this video has succeeded where I failed! I came upon her intensely focusing on the instructions given by a fellow teen, dilegently assuming postures that were at one time labeled as “lame”. Even the meditation/relaxation portion wasn’t “too wierd” for her style. It’s a great product if it can get the “thumbs up” from a 15 year old girl!

If there was ever a time when our youth and teens needed the focus, balance, discrimination, and self-awareness that a solid yoga practice can help us achieve- it’s now. Shanti Generation is leading the movement with their Youth Peacemaker’s Training and their youth/teen Yoga DVD: Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers. My son is eleven, and I’ve been teaching yoga since before he was born. However, he’s not as interested in having his mom as a teacher anymore and there are no youth yoga classes in my area. The visuals and music are perfect for this age group and Abby Wills has succeeded beautifully in translating yoga meaningfully and appealingly for what can be a tough age group. So glad I found this DVD – it is filling in the gap for us perfectly!

I got this DVD to do with my 9 yr. old son to help him with calming techniques and to have an active activity we do as a family (his 3 yr. old brother also participates,) and we have been very pleased with it. It’s not too childish or new age-ish, it offers a lot of variety between all the options offered in the paths and library of poses, and has great mellow background music. My son is a bit clumsy yet at most of the poses, but I’m sure he will get better as we continue. At first he wasn’t enthusiastic about doing yoga, but since we’ve been doing the Shanti yoga now he’s the one reminding me to set up our mats in the living room and picking the paths for us to do.

I love practicing yoga myself and my seven year old have been having a lot of problems with anger and focusing so I thought it would be great to introduce my kids to the practice as well. I’m glad I decided to purchase this particular video. The poses are fairly simple and the teacher really does a good job of explaining so the children can understand. If you want to introduce yoga to your children this is an excellent buy!

I have an eleven year old son and nine year old daughter. They have been picking up on some of the yoga poses they have seen me practice and asked for their own DVD. I looked through several different ones and decided on this one. I am so very glad I bought Shanti Generation. I feel like it was the perfect springboard to really get them into yoga. I was especially afraid that my son would thing yoga was just for girls but I’m happy to report that he really liked it and felt like it was challenging but not too difficult. They also like the fact that they can do a different set of poses each time by picking a different path. They take turns choosing paths each day, just one more way to practice being peacemakers!

My ten-year-old is really interested in yoga, but we hadn’t been able to find anything suitable for her age. Our local classes are for adults, and the only “youth” videos we’d found previously were geared towards young children (preschool age). This is just what we wanted! The exercises are modeled by people in her age group, the tone is appropriate, and it emphasizes the mental aspects of yoga in addition to the physical movements. It is appropriate for beginners as well as those who have some experience. (We do the yoga sequences together.) She loves this!

I purchased this dvd for my 9 year old daughter who’s shown some interest in doing yoga with me. I did a search for something that would be age appropriate that she could really relate to and she loves this!! We received it yesterday and she did it for the second time tonight. She is diagnosed with ADD and I feel this is a great tool to help her deal with her feelings and to channel her energy in a positive way. She added this to her job chart…not that she considers it a job. I really feel this will be an invaluable part of her routine. Definitely worth every penny!

I purchased this for my daughter, age 8, because she wanted to do yoga with me, but I wasn’t sure she would pay attention through a more adult oriented workout. She followed all the instructions and was very enthusiastic about participating in an interest of mine. We go through one of the sessions about every other day, and I enjoy the quick but revitalizing routines myself. Great for practicing parents whose kids want to join them, and for those families that do not have access to a yoga studio. We live an hour away from the closest yoga studio, so we practice on our own.